Design Brief

THE DESIGN Competition challenged landscape architects and architects to form multidisciplinary design teams capable of delivering a large and complex project which will help shape the cultural future of the Gold Coast.

But they were not working unaided.

Drawing on previous studies and planning, in October 2012, the City of Gold Coast endorsed a Vision for a Cultural Precinct at Evandale.

In turn, this Vision formed the foundation for a comprehensive Design Brief.

It envisaged:

  • An unforgettable outdoor Artscape, which interfaces with and envelops the site’s civic and cultural buildings, and connects it to the surrounding area, (including delivery of a new pedestrian and cycle bridge to be constructed to Chevron Island),
  • A distinctive New Arts Museum that will become the must-see exhibition space and destination for residents and visitors wanting to discover and connect with the essence of the Gold Coast, and
  • A Living Arts Centre that will establish a national profile as a performance venue for touring and home-grown productions, developing local talent and delivering excellence in a diverse array of performing arts and cinema.

The Brief also outlined the Vision, Characteristics and Design Strategies which should form the basis of the precinct’s eventual design.

While the Brief is the key document on which the competing teams were required to base their design considerations, it was supported by a suite of other resources.

In addition to the Brief, competitors were able to access:

  • Competition Conditions – a companion document which sets out what each design team must deliver,
  • Online resources (available on this site) – including site history, project background, inspirations and image gallery, and
  • Locked (secured) resources – including survey plans, maps and other documents (which were made available following registration).

Download the Design Brief document