If I am a non-Australian architect/landscape architect, do I need to nominate an architect/landscape architect registered in Australia?

No. A Registrant can be an architect or landscape architect registered with the relevant competent body in a non-Australian jurisdiction.

Will Stage One be anonymously evaluated on design ideas only, or will it be limited to architects who meet client nominated delivery capability criteria?

Participation in the competition is not anonymous. Stage One will be assessed against both team capability criteria (40%) and design criteria (60%), as outlined in clause 3.7 of the Competition Conditions.

Are the names of the Competitors and participants made public?

Council intends to publish and exhibit the outcomes of the entire competition, at the conclusion of the competition. This may include publication of all Competitors and those within the Competitor’s teams.

Only the names of the three shortlisted teams are announced prior to commencement of Stage Two of the Competition.

To protect the intellectual property of each team, all designs, including those of Stage Two shortlisted Competitors, will remain confidential until the winner is announced and all submissions are exhibited at the end of the competition.

Is the Competition only open to ‘invited’ participants?

The competition is open to all registered architects and landscape architects. An public ‘invitation’ to participate was issued in the form of a media release and media information made widely available to all potential competitors.

Why just architects and landscape architects?

The Competition is intended to lead directly to the contracting of a design team to help deliver a major urban transformation at the Evandale site. While there will be many associated professional services required, including planners, engineers and urban designers, it is typical that the design component of a project of this size and complexity is led by either an architect or landscape architect. Therefore by requiring Competitors to be led by an architect or landscape architect aligns the Competition with standard industry expectations.

How do I find out what material I need to submit?

Registrants will find the full list of Stage One submission requirements in DOCUMENT 1: Competition Conditions, under clause 3.2. The Competition Conditions can be downloaded from LG tender box.

Stage Two requirements and deliverables can also be found in this document, under clause 4.2.

Does this competition include interviews?

The Competition is a two-stage competition. Stage One does not require interviews. Stage Two requires participation in meetings, briefings and presentations.